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Jason Hellowell,
Certified Business Consultant

Strive For Prosperity

With a total of 40 years in the business consultancy industry in the UAE, Jason Hellowell and the team at Revere will be guaranteed as a perfect match for your next venture in the MENA region. 

The Middle East region is fast becoming one of the prime spots on the global business scene offering immense potential for both new and established companies. There are a number of reasons for this, just to mention a few, the region has world-class infrastructure projects, well developed free trade zones as well as industry clusters and long-term tax exemptions for companies and individuals.

A fast-growing retail scene is adding to the commercial attractiveness of the region. Although the region is now firmly on the internationalization agendas of companies around the globe many companies are reluctant to invest due to a lack of insight on how to enter and little knowledge about how to navigate the system. Furthermore, many of the companies that do enter the region use the UAE as a base approach in a non-optimal way at great costs. Conclusively there are many exciting and innovative brands and products that are yet not available on the MENA market


AWGT has a strong business network to the benefit of its clients.

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